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# /usr/sbin/groupadd www -g 48
↑ 创建www用户组并指定组ID为48
# /usr/sbin/useradd -u 48 -g www www
↑ 创建www用户到www用户组中
# mkdir -p /wwwroot
↑ 在根目录中创建wwwroot网站目录
# chmod +w /wwwroot
↑ 给wwwroot目录增加可写权限
# chown -R www:www /wwwroot
↑ 使wwwroot目录所属用户组为www,所属用户为www

[创建php-fpm配置文件] (注意php5.3.6 已经不使用xml文件配置了)

    # rm -f /usr/local/webserver/php/etc/php-fpm.conf
    ↑ 删除原有php-fpm.conf文件
    # vi /usr/local/webserver/php/etc/php-fpm.conf
    ↑ 建立新的php-fpm.conf文件并启动vi编辑器编辑该文件

    <?xml version="1.0" ?>

    All relative paths in this config are relative to php's install prefix

    <section name="global_options">

    Pid file
    <value name="pid_file">/usr/local/webserver/php/logs/php-fpm.pid</value>

    Error log file
    <value name="error_log">/usr/local/webserver/php/logs/php-fpm.log</value>

    Log level
    <value name="log_level">notice</value>

    When this amount of php processes exited with SIGSEGV or SIGBUS ...
    <value name="emergency_restart_threshold">10</value>

    ... in a less than this interval of time, a graceful restart will be initiated.
    Useful to work around accidental curruptions in accelerator's shared memory.
    <value name="emergency_restart_interval">1m</value>

    Time limit on waiting child's reaction on signals from master
    <value name="process_control_timeout">5s</value>

    Set to 'no' to debug fpm
    <value name="daemonize">yes</value>



    <section name="pool">

    Name of pool. Used in logs and stats.
    <value name="name">default</value>

    Address to accept fastcgi requests on.
    Valid syntax is 'ip.ad.re.ss:port' or just 'port' or '/path/to/unix/socket'
    <value name="listen_address"></value>

    <value name="listen_options">

    Set listen(2) backlog
    <value name="backlog">-1</value>

    Set permissions for unix socket, if one used.
    In Linux read/write permissions must be set in order to allow connections from web server.
    Many BSD-derrived systems allow connections regardless of permissions.
    <value name="owner"></value>
    <value name="group"></value>
    <value name="mode">0666</value>

    Additional php.ini defines, specific to this pool of workers.
    <value name="php_defines">
    <value name="sendmail_path">/usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i</value>
    <value name="display_errors">0</value>
    ↑ 如果安装 Nginx + PHP 用于程序调试,则此处应设置为"1"以显示PHP错误信息,设置为"0" Nginx 会报状态为500的空白错误页

    Unix user of processes
    <value name="user">www</value>

    Unix group of processes
    <value name="group">www</value>

    Process manager settings
    <value name="pm">

    Sets style of controling worker process count.
    Valid values are 'static' and 'apache-like'
    <value name="style">static</value>

    Sets the limit on the number of simultaneous requests that will be served.
    Equivalent to Apache MaxClients directive.
    Equivalent to PHP_FCGI_CHILDREN environment in original php.fcgi
    Used with any pm_style.
    <value name="max_children">64</value>
    ↑ 进程数为64,如果服务器内存大于3GB,可以只开启128-200个进程

    Settings group for 'apache-like' pm style
    <value name="apache_like">

    Sets the number of server processes created on startup.
    Used only when 'apache-like' pm_style is selected
    <value name="StartServers">20</value>

    Sets the desired minimum number of idle server processes.
    Used only when 'apache-like' pm_style is selected
    <value name="MinSpareServers">5</value>

    Sets the desired maximum number of idle server processes.
    Used only when 'apache-like' pm_style is selected
    <value name="MaxSpareServers">35</value>



    The timeout (in seconds) for serving a single request after which the worker process will be terminated
    Should be used when 'max_execution_time' ini option does not stop script execution for some reason
    '0s' means 'off'
    <value name="request_terminate_timeout">0s</value>

    The timeout (in seconds) for serving of single request after which a php backtrace will be dumped to slow.log file
    '0s' means 'off'
    <value name="request_slowlog_timeout">0s</value>

    The log file for slow requests
    <value name="slowlog">logs/slow.log</value>

    Set open file desc rlimit
    <value name="rlimit_files">51200</value>

    Set max core size rlimit
    <value name="rlimit_core">0</value>

    Chroot to this directory at the start, absolute path
    <value name="chroot"></value>

    Chdir to this directory at the start, absolute path
    <value name="chdir"></value>

    Redirect workers' stdout and stderr into main error log.
    If not set, they will be redirected to /dev/null, according to FastCGI specs
    <value name="catch_workers_output">yes</value>

    How much requests each process should execute before respawn.
    Useful to work around memory leaks in 3rd party libraries.
    For endless request processing please specify 0
    Equivalent to PHP_FCGI_MAX_REQUESTS
    <value name="max_requests">10240</value>

    Comma separated list of ipv4 addresses of FastCGI clients that allowed to connect.
    Equivalent to FCGI_WEB_SERVER_ADDRS environment in original php.fcgi (5.2.2+)
    Makes sense only with AF_INET listening socket.
    <value name="allowed_clients"></value>

    Pass environment variables like LD_LIBRARY_PATH
    All $VARIABLEs are taken from current environment
    <value name="environment">
    <value name="HOSTNAME">$HOSTNAME</value>
    <value name="PATH">/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin</value>
    <value name="TMP">/tmp</value>
    <value name="TMPDIR">/tmp</value>
    <value name="TEMP">/tmp</value>
    <value name="OSTYPE">$OSTYPE</value>
    <value name="MACHTYPE">$MACHTYPE</value>
    <value name="MALLOC_CHECK_">2</value>





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